Sun(burnt) Child


I’m not afraid to die.

My only fear is to die without you -
but I better overcome this terrifying emptiness -
because, as I write these words,
I’m counting down my breaths.


you don’t “beat” depression. you don’t “defeat” eating disorders. you survive them. stop making severe mental illnesses sound like something you can overcome just by throwing the right punch.

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Anonymous asked: Why do you advertise your tumblr on your Twitter (not that I'm complaining)? Aren't you afraid of people you know in real life judging your possibly darkest, deepest thoughts. I am.

There will be people that will judge your pain, openly, in public, and to your face. I’ve lost my fear for that because of one, simple idea: I am not afraid of being called “pathetic” because, in my opinion, it is not pathetic to be aware of your emotions and how they shape you, as a person. I bask in my own blackness simply because it is inevitably there. Also, with my writing (which I am assuming you are referring to), I hope that some people that may feel as I do understand that they are not alone and that is it okay to not be okay. 


The car down the street

leaks oil onto blackness,

and the irony is bitter

like the iron of my blood -

how familiar the taste is,

I’m reminded to hate this

way of thinking about how

I bled in your name 

and then at the palm of your 

seemingly delicate hands.

The oil continues to expose itself 

to the pavement we crossed,

only to remind me that

there is more than one shade of

blackness - 

Dogfather Tattoo

Fremont, CA

artist (IG) - yoyoventura

* follow me on IG - claymapelli *

Dogfather Tattoo

Fremont, CA

artist (IG) - yoyoventura

* follow me on IG - claymapelli *