Sun(burnt) Child


—Lucky Me


think back how unlucky i’ve been
and i’ll play it over again and again.
and i’d be laid in the ground to rest
if not for you and my closest friends.

i’ve been torn apart, but i won’t break your heart.
and i know just how lucky i am.




the loss of my energy,

the streetlights and empty highways -

back-aches without a known source -

all keep me looking down the empty well

that is my confidence

mental and physical exhaustion

is cancerous.

sitting alone with my ideas is


and I look to the sky,

beyond the clouds, past the sun,

trying to lose my old self,

but if I call myself as old as I

imagine myself to be,

then flickering light bulbs won’t be


lack of concern about my work,

no motivation when I used to have it.

there are too many things I wish I

never said about myself.

I can’t concentrate on all the things that

mean something to me – not all at once –

and I’ll lose sight of myself again.

when the rope looks friendly

and my eyes are heavy,

and I’m truly empty,

I’ll come to terms with the fact that

I have nothing good left to give.